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Monthly Archive for June, 2004

Interesting day

Well, I put the server back today, started her up, and watched the chaos begin. My first issue was running software update. The first run crashed, wonderful. I ran it again, and eventually got it all done. Then the guest account was still not completely locked down, so it was going up and down while […]

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Busy day

Today has been busy. First there was a new fire release, and so I had some fun dealing with that. Then I went and picked up the apple server so that we can re-do it. After I did that, I brought it back here and fixed a torrent of little bugs in fire when I […]

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Not much going on

Not much has been going on here. Fire has kept me a bit busy since I decided that it would be nice to go through and push for a 1.1 version relatively soon. Yahoo added to the fun because as of last night they decided they were going to block third party clients. That block […]

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Been a while

It now has been over a week since I have written here. I guess that has been since not much of interest has happened over the past week. Mostly I have spent time talking to some of the other developers and that is just about it. My advisor suggested some more methods I could implement. […]

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Swimming to school

It has been a while since I have written in here. One of the more interesting things that has happened since was Sunday afternoon. Erin was up for an ultimate tournament, and so I went out there to watch her play. In the process, I managed to get a bit of a sunburn. Most of […]

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