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Monthly Archive for May, 2004

No one is here

I swear, there is no one in town at all. I go wonder through Zachry, and I see about 3 people. I did run into one of my former students yesterday and one of his friends that reminds me greatly of Tim. I have had a few talks with Wenyan, but that is about all. […]

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Lazy Sunday

Well, another lazy Sunday has passed. Usually I do nothing but a bit of Fire development, but today I actually went to my office and worked on my research. I guess this will be a sign of what is to come for the remainder of this summer. Nothing but work, work, work. I hope that […]

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Move out

Well, it was not me that moved out, but everyone else. I spent several hours helping Erin move out. I still remember how much junk I accumulated by my senior year. She couldn’t fit everything in her car so some of it is here in my apartment. Now the issue is what to do now […]

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Strange Week

I believe this is the first semester in which I didn’t have any finals. This made for a really strange week as everyone else was. I guess that it could be worse and I could be one of the many having to take a final, but in the mean time I get to tease everyone […]

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Another lazy Saturday

Well, today has been another lazy saturday. Not much has been going on this day. I went to my office for a bit, came back, did some Fire development. I have spent most of the day listing to the Left Behind Series on audio books. Already more than half way through the series. That is […]

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