2 months!

Posted by Thoughts and Ramblings on Monday, February 16, 2004

Good grief… Has it really been two months since I wrote in here? Wow, I guess that means I should be paying more attention to the thing.

My G5 has been behaving well. I have to watch myself on it so that I don’t spend all my time playing games. I have already beaten Halo, but that game is just too much fun to play. Strange that it can play so well only having 512MB of Ram. I still need to go order more. The laptop has actually become a portable computer now. It is nice to use it as such.

As promised, this semester is weird. No classes, just get up, go to the office, work on programming the card, go home when tired. That pretty much describes my day with the exception of the fact that the card doesn’t work as advertised!!! Guess that is what you get for trusting Intel.

I have gotten back into my Fire development. I am currently working on a branch that basically does tabbed conversations. I think that I have actually done the thing right; the tabs are always readable, can expand beyond a few tabs without destroying the interface, and get out of your way. We will see what the users think. At the least, it is easy to change as this design actually uses Object Oriented Programming. I am glad to see that I haven’t forgotten it. I just wish that Obj-C supported abstract classes. Those are just too useful, but I guess they never put it in the language spec.

Last thing of note: That girl I had an interest in, well the reciprocal is not true. She doesn’t even care to talk to me. I get the feeling that I am just “tolerated.” Sad, but that is a common theme for me. Now I am starting to get older, and the grad school here is rather small; I doubt that there is much chance of my finding anyone at this university.

Oh well, until next time. Hopefully not 2 months from now.